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    This possibility is evident in the case of modern volcanic eruptions. Clementson performed detailed studies on modern volcanic rock, and endeavored to obtain their radiometric ages.All of the uranium-lead ages he produced for the volcanic rock he studied were vastly older than the rock's true age.Any so called 'age determination' by a physical process is, once stripped down, only an educated guess, and is most likely entirely unrelated to the actual age.As we progress further in this evaluation, we will examine the actual processes by which these methods work, and carefully determine their validity and accuracy.The Uranium method is actually a compilation of a many methods.The function of this method is based on a chain of decay from Uranium and its sister element Thorium, into Lead and Helium. The positively charged atoms of helium gas, otherwise known as alpha particles, escape the nuclei of the parent atoms at rates which have been shown to be statistically constant.We have analyzed several devitrified glasses of known age, and all have yielded ages that are too young.Some gave virtually zero ages, although the geologic evidence suggested that devitrification took place shortly after the formation of a deposit." So if the actual contents and potassium are not concrete in existence, then it seems foolish to rely upon such a dating for accurate results. The main fact is this: All these are facts about the dating systems.

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    Therefore, based on the certain amounts of the components in a sample, you can tell how old the sample is.The daughter component is Argon 40, and the process has a half-life of 1.3 billion years.Also, simultaneously, using the "beta decay" (emission of an electron and a neutrino) Potassium 40 decays into Calcium 4.The age of prehistoric artifacts, the age of the earth, and that of the universe would be thrown into doubt." Yet another factor to take into view is that the daughter products were most likely present from the beginning.There is no way possible to know whether or not the daughter components were actually absent from the original system.

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