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    Ao fim do vídeo, agradece aos haters e dá uma piscada.

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    " Twenty minutes of an anecdote about a guy dealing with his faith is NOT why I support Radiolab. I hope no NSF funding went toward this waste of airtime, because it would be better spent on actual science outreach. As a minister I find myself talking to many people who share Jeff's story on one level or another.

    Listening to him talk, it struck me, it wasn't that he suddenly realized he didn't believe in God, he finally realized he had never been given a reason to.

    Real faith is not credulity, it is based on tangible concrete evidence.

    For example, could the men who wrote the Bible have predicted the name of the king who conquered Babylon almost 200 years in advance, if there wasn't a higher power involved?

    And No I did not need to have counter view points to faith to enjoy a sweet story about love..sometimes it's ok to just enjoy the story. What do you say about a story that is clearly attempting to celebrate one of the more awful aspects of human nature? It isn't just that the woman is a horrible person for setting her religious beliefs above her love for a flesh and blood human being--she most definitely is.

    A man and a woman are (supposedly) in "love." They both follow a a particular religion until the man comes to his senses and stops believing in this form of magical thinking, and the woman who (supposedly) loves him announces that her life with him is over if he does not start following her religion again. he knuckles under, and we're supposed to think there is something deeply meaningful and moving about this surrender? But it's also about a man betraying his own hard fought battle to overcome superstition, betraying his own emerging sense of who he is, in order to keep the "love" of this horrible woman.

    This episode only served to spread pseudoscience and anti-rationalism.

    Radiolab's appeal is the appreciation of science and engineering.

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    Would we still be encouraged by Radiolab to think of this as a "beautiful" and "inspiring" story? I wouldn't comment except you seem to have taken a lot of flak for this one.Why is objectivity being compromised in this piece?This show appears to be following in the footsteps of the History Channel and Animal Planet.A chance is being missed to improve society when programs like this take the direction of this episode.I'm sure pandering to the religious crowd is good for ratings though. I was attracted to the story mostly because it started with a bike ride and then became a story about someone searching. I just listen to this story and I ave to say that unlike many others I really enjoyed it.

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